Message from Gary Landrus, Founder of Vino Allegro: 

   I worked on my family farm growing up. In the fields, I was sometimes accidentally sprayed with pesticides. It left a sweet and bitter taste on my lips, and rashes on my arms. I thought this was just part of life on the farm; everyone used pesticides.

  One day my healthy and energetic uncle was filling a large barrel with pesticides; the hose broke and he was covered with pesticides, soaking his clothes and his skin.  He died two months later of liver cancer.

   Eventually, I took over the farm and decided to start farming organically without the use of pesticides. It was a three-year conversion process, but we did it. We’ve also learned a lot since then about how much safer and healthier organic wines can be for us as consumers.

   It’s time we change the way we drink wine in Ontario. It’s time we start drinking responsibly. It’s time we start drinking organic.

Why organic?

Organic wine is better for the:
·      protection of microbes;
·      safety of farm workers;
·      health of wine drinkers; and
·      the environment;
·      studies have shown that organic wines taste better

Who can order organic wine from us?

You don’t have to own a restaurant to order organic wine. Adults 19 years of age or older legally allowed to drink alcohol in Ontario can order wine from our site.