Terms and Conditions:  There is a one (1) case minimum order amount per brand required by the supplier. All products must be ordered in case amounts. Mixed products within a case are not permitted and under no circumstances will the inclusion of promotional material be accommodated. All Specialty Services Private Ordering orders are subject to laboratory analysis. All products for resale in Ontario are tested to ensure that they meet federal standards and are free from contaminants. Any product which contravenes the federal food and drug act will be rejected by the LCBO. The LCBO does not allow over proof alcohol to be sold to the general public. Any alcohol stronger than proof strength 57% alcohol/volume is considered over proof alcohol. Customers should not place orders with the LCBO for the purchase of beverage alcohol products which are bottled in ceramic, lead crystal and/or porcelain containers. Customers should refrain from placing orders for products which have zip-tops; A deposit must accompany each signed order form. The required amount of deposit is 25% of the estimated retail value.  The Specialty Services Private Ordering department reserves the right to request a greater deposit amount. The customer will be contracted if and when this occurs; Depending on the country of origin, customers should allow approximately three (3) months for their order to be delivered to the LCBO Specialty Services Private Ordering warehouse. For the customer to cancel an order, the customer must immediately inform in writing the Specialty Services Private Ordering Department.  Upon receipt of a cancellation request, the LCBO will contact the supplier. If the supplier agrees to cancel the LCBO's order, the LCBO will refund the deposit to the customer.  However in the event that the supplier has already shipped the goods or does not agree to cancel the LCBO's order, there will be no refund of the customer's deposit. The LCBO reserves the right to cancel this order if the LCBO is unable to obtain the product from the supplier in the quantity ordered at a price equal to or less than the supplier quote shown on this form. In the event this occurs, the customer's deposit will be refunded. A charge of $5.00 plus interest is applied per case per month or part thereof will be levied against goods remaining in our warehouse beyond 30 days of pick notice and/or after the last date of invoice. The maximum time in which an order can be stored in the Private Ordering warehouse is 60 days from the "pick notice". In the event that an order has not been claimed after 60 days from the date of the pick notice, the customer’s deposit will be forfeited and the LCBO will take possession of this unclaimed order.

The customer can pick up their invoiced goods at the Specialty Services Private Ordering warehouse or once goods are paid for, arrange at their own expense to have them delivered.  The customer can also request that the Specialty Services Private Ordering warehouse ship the order to the nearest LCBO retail outlet located outside the greater Toronto area. At the discretion of the LCBO a delivery charge can be applied.