Vino Allegro is the exclusive importer for all the wines we carry. Wineries can only have one agent in Ontario, and that’s us. 


You can't get these wines at the lcbo

The LCBO has flavour, price, and labeling guidelines that prevent them from carrying some of the world’s best wines. Often, LCBO wines are chosen in order to appeal to the largest possible audience rather than based on a region’s best expression of their terroir. 

We do things differently. We base our selections on the superior taste and quality of the wine, nothing more.


bringing you the world's best wine

We’ve met all of our wine growers or owners in person, and in most cases, we’ve gone halfway around the world to meet them at their wineries, touch the soil at their vineyard, and walk through their cellars.

We travel to conferences, exhibitions and wineries tasting thousands of wines until we find the very best to bring home to you.



Our wines are flavourful and robust. They have character and push the limits of their classification. They’re also exclusive to our customers.

Simply put, you can’t get these wines at the LCBO.